Dome Lombok

Dome Lombok, a co-founded Indonesian resort project. Overseeing the construction of domes and a 4.8-rated restaurant, I've been the creative director & marketing manager responsible for shaping Dome's unique visual identity. Beyond design, we've led impactful initiatives, including reforestation and post-earthquake home rebuilding. Managing a team of 20, this hands-on experience has provided me with a rich understanding of cross-cultural business dynamics and project management with a variety of stakeholders involved.

My response to climate crisis depression: Do something and make it into a learning experience.


Transform a 6000sqm barren land in Lombok, Indonesia, into a sustainable eco resort.

Build a cohesive team for construction and operations from local communities.

Establish a strong online presence and customer base for the resort.


Applied permaculture principles and innovative Dome construction techniques learned in the USA.

Recruited and trained local individuals, fostering community involvement and skilled workforce development.

Developed a comprehensive digital strategy, including website creation, system integration (POS and PMS), and a strong social media campaign on Instagram, growing the follower base to about 10,000.

Discovering pain points through surveys, interviews, and user testing.

Through comprehensive research encompassing the business, user insights, and product interaction, I identified a strategic entry point in the app's user flow. By featuring only the most popular content on the home screen, I created a streamlined flow map for a seamless user experience that avoids frustrating backtracking and maintains a user-friendly layout.

Key Insights

• Content that's most used are Movies, TV shows, and Comics.

• Shopping takes user out of the app.

• News, community, and encyclopedia are nice but feels like two different apps.

Side Notes

• Users would have to scroll to the bottom 2 times to get a view all list of movies and TV shows (which is hard to tell between the two on the list).

• Once users find content they want to read or watch they have to back peddle to the home page to either cast or download.

Sketching ideas and building a flow to navigate through the app.

One of the project's most formidable challenges revolved around constructing the flow and sketching the layout for a product seamlessly integrating streaming and social features—an entirely novel endeavor that initially left me feeling overwhelmed with ideation. However, after numerous iterations and brainstorming sessions, I eventually stumbled upon a promising sketch that seemed to fit within a hastily crafted flow map.

Building the prototype, conduct an A/B testing, and reflect.

After developing a wireframe that aligned with a more detailed flow, I proceeded to create a prototype and initiated A/B testing to gather additional data across various design iterations. As you scroll below, you'll witness the evolution of the design during the testing phase. Initially, we pitted the original design against the second design, with ongoing refinements based on user feedback.

What particularly intrigued me in the final two designs was the user preference for background mode—testers favored the light mode for social interactions while acknowledging that the dark mode enhanced the streaming content. This valuable insight led me to consider implementing a dark/light mode feature for DC users.